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South Bay School District Teaches Parents How to Use Distance Learning Technology

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Virtual learning is well underway in many schools across the Bay Area, but the technology can be intimidating for students as well as their parents, especially those who have never used a computer before.

At one San Jose school on Monday, parents received some instructional lessons before classes start Tuesday.

Anthony Dorsa Elementary School Principal Viviana Garcia spent her Monday instructing parents how to use the technology the school will be utilizing during distance learning. For many parents in the Alum Rock School District, this is their first experience with computers and school apps.

"We have recent arrival parents from different parts of the world where they have never had access to computers or connectivity," Superintendent Dr. Hilaria Bauer said.

Parents learned how to log on and connect to apps like Google Classroom and Zoom.

Classes are in three languages: English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Adriana Jimenez said it's difficult to learn how to use the technology, but it's something she said she'll conquer.

Margarita Flores said she felt smarter after the lessons.

"I'm just super delighted to see so many families," Garcia said. "Our sign-up list for this is really long."

Schools know parents will be the teachers' aids at home, so they want to make sure they're prepared to help out.

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