What We Know: COVID-19 Clusters at South Bay Costco Locations

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Santa Clara County on Thursday confirmed COVID-19 clusters among employees at four Costco locations across the county.

Below is a breakdown of the clusters, as provided by the county.

  • Gilroy: six cases between July 24 and July 30
  • San Jose - Senter Road: eight cases between July 17 and July 22
  • Sunnyvale: 13 cases between July 23 and July 26
  • Mountain View: four cases between July 15 and July 27

The county said Costco has been "very cooperative" with its investigation and both are working closely to ensure the safety of customers and employees.

Preliminary investigation results indicate that "many of the cases" have been a result of community transmission and "most likely" not due to internal transmission among the workers, the county said. The investigation, to this point, also indicates that Costco is complying with social distancing guidelines and other protocols.

"Because of the investigation so far, we have not closed any of those stores," Santa Clara County COVID-19 Testing Officer Dr. Marty Fenstersheib said. "We feel like they are following guidelines. We feel that the public is totally safe in continuing to shop at Costco."

An employee, who asked not to be identified said workers want more protection.

"They don’t understand that you have pregnant employees. You have employees with young kids. Employees that go home to grandparents, elderly parents, and everybody is at risk," they said.

All Costco customers and the general public are reminded to continue to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.

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