Russia-Ukraine War

Stanford Students Host Event to Show Support for Ukraine

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Some Stanford students helped lead an event Sunday to bring groups together to show support for Ukraine.

Non-profits also shared some of the work they’re doing to help Ukrainians affected by the war.

The Ukrainian student association at Stanford joined cities across the world by bringing people together over the crisis in Ukraine.

“At the beginning of the war, we were all very sad didn’t know what to do we were helpless and then, we start to act and a lot of people start helping us, us is helping us a lot of other countries as well,” said Stanford student Kateryna Pistunova.

They aimed to show what different organizations have been doing…and create a dialogue about the impact of their efforts.

“It’s providing medical supplies its helping at hospitals helping refugees that have come in,” said Rodion Yaryy of the non-profit group Nova Ukraine.

Nova Ukraine was among the groups represented.

There was food, art, and a push to keep highlighting how people in the bay area can help ukraine face russia’s invasion.

“Probably here it was easier in the beginning because everybody was very conscious and very helpful. But people in the other parts they also want to help but they just don’t know how we try to provide them the options how to do it,” said Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Ukraine In San Francisco.

Kushneruk said as time goes on it has become more challenging to raise funds and staying connected is key.

“A great opportunity for not only Ukrainians to get together but also Ukrainians who are doing many different work,” he said.

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