Steve Jobs: Let Me Tear It Down

Flush with money after the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, Apple CEO Steve Jobs purchased a huge, historic Woodside mansion. And now he wants to tear it to the ground.

The 17,000 square foot Spanish colonial edifice was designed by George Washington Smith for copper-baron Daniel C. Jackling in 1925.

A group called "Uphold Out Heritage" is taking the matter to court.  They want the home to stay as is.

The California Court of Appeal has also weighed in on the issue.  It ruled that a demolition permit Jobs was granted in 2004 is not valid.

Now the demo request is in front of the Woodside City Council.  It's expected to decide next month whether or not Jobs can go forward with his plans to demolish the building and replace it with something smaller.

The town manager said she is expecting legal action no matter what the council decides.

Jobs lived there for years.  He moved out over a decade ago after calling the building an "abomination." Since then, he's wantonly let it decay.

Photos from inside the building show massive damage to the interior, including a grand old pipe organ under a leaky roof and covered in debris.  Other photos shows mold growing on ceilings and vines sprouting from the walls.

Jobs once offered to give the building away to anyone willing to move it off the site.

Considering the condition it's in, it's not surprising there aren't any takers.

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