Stoners Could Line Twitter's Pockets With Green

Los Angeles man comes up with unique use for Twitter

One savvy California man has come up with his own business model for Twitter. The problem is the San Francisco-based micro-blogging site might not be too thrilled about the idea.

Los Angeles resident and aspiring journalist, Dan Halem, brought his medical marijuana business to Twitter to keep his followers updated about the whacky world of California hemp laws. He describes @ArtistsCollctve as a "day in the life of a medical marijuana delivery driver."

"If I wanted to destroy my life, I wanted it to be for something I knew I could sell," he told our friends at Valleywag.

The irony is that he is not destroying his life at all. At least not legally speaking in California. State law permits medical marijuana to be sold and the Twitterfeed is run on behalf of the non-profit Artists Collective, which delivers medical pot to "patients" in Los Angeles County. The proceeds are then donated to artists and art projects.

The account went live just last week but Halem tells Valleywag that "as far as the law is concerned, we're good." Plus Halem does not use Twitter to sell pot. Instead it exists for informational purposes only.

The former Northwestern journalism student may have just found another way for Twitter to stay in the news without reporting the premature deaths of celebrities.

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