Transcripts: Shackled Teen Burned With Bat

Tracy boy had skin grafts, according to grand jury transcripts

Grand jury transcripts released Friday reveal that a Tracy boy who was allegedly held captive was burned with an aluminum bat and had skin grafts after he escaped.

Defendants Caren Ramirez, Michael Schumacher, Kelly Layne Lau and Anthony Waiters are charged with a number of offenses, including kidnapping, torture and child abuse.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Angela Hayes told jurors at the beginning of the eight-day grand jury hearing that there were no allegations of sexual abuse.

According to the transcripts, the teen suffered burns from an aluminum baseball bat and a caustic solution by his captors.

"It is substantial physical abuse, I need to prepare you for it … medical examiner had to perform skin grafts several days after the victim, Kyle, was found," according to the transcripts.

Zoe Duerksen, a 13-year-old neighbor, testified as a witness about Kelly Layne Lau. She said, "I would see her smack him across the head once in awhile." Duerksen went on to say, "If he did something she didn't approve of, she made him go in front of the front yard, pull down his pants, and let the dog go after him."

Chelsea Waiters, 16, niece of Anthony Waiters, testified that the teen had to drink Hot Fire Damn, which made him throw up.

Investigators said the teen suffered third-degree burns, and also had scars consistent with being hit with an object like a brick or baseball bat.

The teen also had a red mark along his throat from a belt being tied around his neck, the transcripts said.

"He was subsisting on Halloween candy, candy bars, things of that nature, and limited amounts of water, and some bread periodically," according to the transcripts.

The transcripts are more than 1,000 pages long.

The teen ran into a Tracy fitness center in December with an inch-thick chain shackled to his ankle. He was emaciated at the time.

He told police he had been kept shackled in the Schumacher-Lau home, beaten, choked and denied food for days at a time.

During the investigation, officials took chains and a baseball bat out of the home.

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