Want to Donate to Haiti? There's an App for That

Tech industry opens up more than their wallets for Haiti

Donating to help disaster victims has never been so easy thanks to the tech world.

The crisis in Haiti has prompted tech companies to open their wallets and it has even brought the likes of Google and Apple together.

But perhaps the greatest contribution from the tech world towards the relief effort is the use of technology to get aid to the victims of the 7.0 earthquake.

Apple is allowing iTunes users to donate up to $200 directly from their computers while Google created a special donation page on its popular search engine. The iLocate Charities app on the iPhone lets users find a local charity in Haiti and donate directly to them. It does however cost 99 cents.

The Red Cross partnered with the cell phone industry to collect more than $4 million via text message donations.

Unfortunately while gadget lovers turn to their wallets to help out, others looking at the bottom line have seized the oppurtunity to digitally scam good doers out of their money. If you are planning to donate, make sure to check the source before clicking the send button.

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