Amtrak Goes BOGO for This Bring-A-Pal Sleeper Deal

Book a train trip with a bestie and save big (but do it soon)

SLEEPERS, as in those spaces aboard a train where travelers snooze, are some of the most cinematic spaces in the world. True, they're real, and they actually exist, but many of us know sleepers from our favorite train-based films. And while we may board a train, from time to time, to commute or see family, we don't always think to secure a sleeping space, especially if we only plan on riding the rails for a couple of hours. But there is a way to make your life a bit more like a movie, and to catch those all important zzzz's, by booking a sleeper, and asking a friend or sweetheart along for the memorable ride. For Amtrak has a...

BOGO DEAL... on through Sunday, Oct. 14, a deal that's specifically about roomettes and bedrooms aboard several state-spanning lines. The upshot? The "BOGO" tells the happy tale here: It's buy one, get one free, which means if you book a sleeper for you and your traveling companion, one of you is joining the journey in a complimentary, oh-so-gratis fashion. Sweet stuff, but the stuff gets even sweeter when you peruse the savings, which are not insignificant. Think hundreds of dollars, in some cases, and there are nifty perks, too. Like? Check it out: "Amtrak sleeping accommodations offer meals that are included in the price of tickets on most routes," so check and see if the route you want offers that terrific bonus.

THE DATES YOU'll NEED TO RIDE?  Nov. 11, 2019 through April 8, 2020 is your very sizable window, so start deciding if you'd like to go from Los Angeles to New Orleans, or Los Angeles to Seattle, or find another Point A, like Chicago, Memphis, or Boston. All of the details are here, toot toot, for your cinematic sleeper-based adventure. Are there blackout dates? There are, and a few other must-knows, and there's a handy code, too: V550.

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