California’s Crab-Cake-iest Showdown Is Nearly Here

Find tangy, briny, deep-flavored discs at the Crab Cake Cook-off in Fort Bragg.

Winter Feast Mendocino

WHAT'S THE PERFECT RATIO... of mustard to mayonnaise? Should the bread crumbs be plentiful or on the lighter side? And must the seasonings be spicy, or can they deliver a gentler kick? Whatever a cook determines, as they're putting together a batch of crab cakes, is truly up to their own piquant preferences. But regardless of what goes into the classic seafood favorite, or not, you can count on it having one central ingredient: crab. After that, you can also probably count on the crab cake taking a disc- or puck-like shape, which lends itself well to either a crab cake sammie or a crab cake tower. All of these ideas may be imaginatively tested, or simply creatively prodded, at one of our state's best-known, bib-wearing, crustacean-cool events. It's the...

CRAB CAKE COOK-OFF... & Wine Tasting Competition, and it snaps its claws on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019 in Fort Bragg. The three-hour to-do means lots of tastings for those guests who purchase a $90 ticket, with the vinos hailing from "America's Greenest Wine Region" and the crabby cakery created by area seafood pros of the most chefly assortment. Other happenings, like auctions, will also flower, lest you think the wonderful winter afternoon is solely about the enjoyment of the hearty, spice-laden concoctions. Of course, the cook-off isn't the only thing drawing diners from near and far during that time; Winter Feast Mendocino will be delivering all sorts of dining pleasures, and outdoorsy activities, in multiple spots.

FOR MORE... on this bundle-up, take-a-bite bash, which runs from Jan. 18 through 27, scurry, like a crab, in the direction of the mondo foodie-tacular's site now.

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