Join Pacific Grove's Glowful ‘Christmas at the Inns'

Admire the seasonal splendor at several charming bed & breakfasts.

HOW TO SEE INSIDE AN INN? Here's the not-so-complicated answer: Book a room there, which is a choice made by many travelers, especially when they're searching for an especially cozy stay-over experience. Sometimes, though, a bit of holiday magic happens, and you're able to walk into a number of inns, all to enjoy stairways decorated in boughs and mantels festooned in bows and Christmas trees that seem to have a hundred sparkly ornaments, if not more. And that holiday magic is strong in pretty Pacific Grove when early December arrives, for that's when a number of local bed & breakfasts participate in a long-running, oh-so-lovely tradition. It's...

CHRISTMAS AT THE INNS, and it is so robust, and includes so many of the town's well-known landmarks, that two nights are needed to enjoy every participant. Those nights in 2019 are Dec. 3 and 4, and you can see which inns will be involved on what nights at the web site. Something sweet? Your $20 ticket gives you entry to the inns on both the Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so there's no need to purchase two entries. Another sweet thing? Some of the decorated inns have carolers, or other special performances, for visitors. And sometimes? There's a treat or two, on a tray, should you need a snack. After all, strolling and savoring all of those twinkly lights and sights requires that you keep your energy up.

FOR MORE... on this charming Pacific Grove must, which remains one of the centerpieces of its yuletide season, find your way to the Christmas at the Inns site now. Of course, do book a room at any of the historic inns involved, at any time of the year, for a closer look at their treasures and quaint-a-tude. But if you're looking for a festive fell swoop? Be in P.G. as December 2019 begins.

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