Magical Mojave: A Full Moon Tour

Enjoy the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area after the sun goes down.

THE DESERT, is might be accurately stated, is lush with pure mystery and magic. One minute we're rambling along a clutch of creosote bushes, lost in reverie, when a darting catches our eye (a small bird, perhaps, or a lizard). Its wonders are plentiful and surprising, but we mostly experience them by the light of our planet's nearest star. To see someplace epic, like the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area, by the light of our lunar satellite is something pretty darn special, and if it is a full moon? Well, right there you have a walk to remember, even if you don't spy any lizards or birds along the way. A trio of magnificent Mojave Desert spots were named national monuments in the early part of 2016, including Mojave Trails, the home to the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness Area. Like all national monuments the Mojave Trails, and Cadiz Dunes, will host fascinating, fun, and fact-filled public events, and the very first one is up on Saturday, Sept. 17. It's a...

DUNE DISCOVERY TOUR, and it will take place under a full moon, but the sun'll play a part, too. Everything starts up at 4 in the afternoon, with a wrap time of 11 o'clock, with the Mojave Desert Land Trust on-hand to oversee the event. Participants are invited to show with picnics and snacks, the better to keep fortified for all the adventures and learning ahead. Prepare to get some background on "nighttime creatures and plants of the dunes ecosystem," meaning you may leave fully brushed up on your kit fox and bats-based info. There are a few things to know, such as the fact that this is a "remote location requiring 4WD high clearance" (there are opportunities for a ride in from the Mojave Desert Land Trust's Joshua Tree headquarters, so ask questions when you RSVP). Also? This is the land of "soft sand," with terrain that might prove challenging, so ponder this before RSVPing. Whether or not you can make this full moon gathering, stay excited that the Desert Monuments have a host of happenings ahead, all to honor their official protected designations. To keep up on the Cadiz Dunes, start here, or for all things Sand to Snow, Mojave Trails, and Castle Mountains, bone up here.

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