Monterey Beer Fest’s Summer of Love

Tunes 'n vibes'll hearken back to those fabled days of 1967.

Monterey Beer Festival

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT: If you were a participant in the Summer of Love, and you tied on a few kerchiefs, and wore a few fringe-y jackets, and sang a few love-laden songs in a few parks with a few of your closet friends, you're probably still feeling the festive reverberations of that hallowed time today. How could you not? The tenets that the warm weather months of 1967 stood upon were strong ones, with fellowship and harmony at the center of it all. It's the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love — insert a "can you believe it?" here — and you're bound to see the tie-dye homages and guitar-strummy staples popping up, here and there, in all of the places that the Summer of Love vibrated most vibrantly. Monterey was one such sunshine-of-the-heart spot, and its annual Beer Festival, set for the Saturday after Independence Day, will hold some of that Summer of Love magic close. Gaze, if you will, upon the...

ROCKING STAGE... of the Saturday, July 8 party, where Daze on the Green and The 60's Summer of Love Band will both be sending out the people-join-together tuneage. Attendees are invited to dress like they would have dressed, or actually did, back in July of '67, so best find that flowery smock and little round sunglasses to complete your look. As for the craft brews at the 16th annual Monterey Beer Festival? Past participants have included Anchor Brewing, Craft Artisan Ales, and Lost Coast Brewery. The Monterey County Fair Heritage Foundation is the beneficiary of the foamy-fun day, one that'll visit a half century back while truckin' right on into the beer-making, people-socializing, helping-out future.

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