Pampered Pets: Tenaya Lodge Package

Doing the Sierra with your pup? Here's a happy homebase.

Tenaya Lodge

CANINES AND CREEKS: Though dogs are famous for possessing a rambling, exploring spirit, they don't keep maps up on the wall near their bed, in the way we map-loving humans often do. Maybe this is because pups innately have a good sense of place, distance, and direction -- every Disney adventure film has told us this -- or that they trust their people to take them to the coolest places. But if a dog did own a map, we can only imagine that the Sierra Nevada, and specifically the area around Yosemite National Park, would be circled in red marker. Creeks and waterfalls and big trees and big vistas equal pure romp time for an outdoorsy pooch, and the region that Tenaya Lodge calls home has a whole lot of that natural wonder, and then some. It makes sense that the Fish Camp hotel would be dog friendly, then, and it is worthy of a tail wag that the hotel would go a step further and offer a pet-specific deal. And so they do: The Deluxe Pampered Pet Package. 

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES... a treat baked by none other than the executive chef at the Yosemite-close hotel, plus a dog toy, a water bowl and plush bed (both on loan for your stay), two hours of pet-sitting, in case the humans want to gussy up and go to dinner, and some other charming additions (like the recipe for the chef-baked bone). Oh, yes, and overnight accommodations, too. Is your plan to creek-it-up all day, with your four-footed companion, or wend among the rocks and trees, or just find a granite hump of some sort -- the Sierra are famous for 'em -- from where you can enjoy the sunset with your shaggy BFF? However you design your stay away from Tenaya Lodge, count on your canine having some wild, tree-filled, nature-awesome dreams while staying in his pet bed. Rates? They depend on the season -- find them here. Awards? The Sunset Travel Awards just named the lodge Best Resort for Pets. Photos of your hound snoozing in some Sierra meadow? Save a space on your wall, because those'll be pretty frame-worthy.

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