Paso Pinot & Paella Festival

It's the 14th annual festivity spotlighting the classic Spanish dish and one of its perfect complementary sips.

NO MODERN FOODIST... feels obliged to obey all of the old rules, or even any of the strictest strictures of the past, when it comes to pairing particular flavors with the libations that will best call out the superior qualities of those flavors (and, of course, vice versa). That's why seeing someone order a deep red cab with a white fish isn't quite the shocker it used to be, for eating-out-ism has become infused with a live-and-let-live, do-as-you-will sensibility in recent years. It's a great thing, and it allows us all to walk our own culinary path while heeding our particular peculiarities. But then there are those dishes that are...

SO LUSH WITH STRONG INGREDIENTS, additions, and background players that there is no wrong foot in terms of choosing the complementary beverage, for most any beverage, save, maybe, hot cocoa, is going to cleave well to something in the meal. Paella is one such classic, and with its rice and saffron and mussels, it goes well with host of drinks. One in particular? That's pinot noir, and the duo get their own celebration each summer in Paso Robles at the...

PASO PINOT & PAELLA FESTIVAL: It's year 14 for the deeply spiced late-spring celebration, which will flow in 2017 on Sunday, June 4. Templeton Community Park is the place, and a raft of regional chefs'll be helming the rice-simmering, mussels-marvelous paella pans. As for the Paso pinots representing? Castoro Cellars, Derby Wine Estates, and Jack Creek Cellar are just three of the many. If these two p-starting perfections are your gourmet go-tos — paella and pinot — join the other perfect P, Paso Robles, at its annual pair-up party.

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