Pawmicon: Superheroic Fundraiser

The Saturday-before-Comic-Con tradition loves upon cape-wearing canines in need.

IF YOU KNOW SUPERHEROES, then you know that they're never quite on the go-it-alone path. Oh, for sure, they can stop a volcano if need be, or at least direct flowing lava to the sea, and if a skyscraper needs to be moved, before a villain snatches it, well, a superhero is who you ring up. But these characters are also vulnerable at times, and needing some TLC, and that's part of what makes them so superheroic: That getting along in the world, especially a world that has some drama to it, is a group effort. Enter the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, a place that understands the superhero's complex strong/vulnerable path. After all, the animal center regularly welcomes critters without homes, and if you adore beasties, you know that each and everyone one of those pups and cats is a superhero for weathering what they have. Thus it makes marvelous sense that, each summer, the center would pay tribute to these furry superheroes by dressing them up in capes for a special costume-cool fundraiser. It's...

PAWMICON, and, as is delightful tradition, it will take place on the Saturday before Comic-Con International which, like Pawmicon, happens in San Diego. While Pawmicon is not affiliated with Comic-Con, you can bet there are some Fido-lovin' fans who are keen to attend both, especially when there's a chance of seeing cuddly cuties in superhero costumes. People can dress up, too, at the Saturday, July 15, 2017 gathering, and if you dress your pooch up, there's a $10 entry fee (it goes to help the Helen Woodward Animal Center). A bonus: There shall be "comic-themed prizes." The place? The Hazard Center. If you're doing Comic-Con, and you're a booster of beasties, carve a little time to give some superheroic attention to our four-footed friends in need.

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