Relax & Glow at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Ready to sit in a pool and clear your mind for an afternoon?

FOR EVERY ARTICLE FOCUSING ON HOLIDAY FUN, there's another that details what's in some of the seasonal foods we're eating or the stresses surrounding the giving of gifts or how the go, go, go during this time period can make us want to pause, pause, pause. It can all be a bit of a push, when November arrives, and while it is a push that comes with a lot of glee, and glow, and cocktails that include gingerbread syrup and/or eggnog liqueur, finding that place to pause, pause, pause is pretty essential. Maybe it is a hammock in your own backyard, maybe it is a friend's kitchen table, or maybe you need to call upon a famous hot springs destination for a day of silent soaking, contemplating the sky, daydreaming, and chillaxing to the extreme (and, no, the making of must-do lists, in your head, while soaking, is not advised). Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona is one such California classic, and it has a package on through November called the...

RELAX & GLOW: And how the deal works is this: Book two treatments — think massages, facials, and such — that are over $100 each, and nab a discounted admission to the outdoor pools dotting the property, and a robe for the day, too. Your Taking the Waters admission, as part of the Relax & Glow, is $25 for weekdays and $35 on weekends, and you can linger in the H2O all day long, when you're not called to your treatment appointments. It's on through Thursday, Nov. 30, but if you can't book this particular package, take note: Many fans of the 157-year-old destination do visit for some straight-up soaking, choosing the Taking the Waters option as their sole daily pursuit. For all Glen Ivy offerings, and for ways to soak away at least bit of the stress we so predictably seem to face come the most festive run of the year, click.

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