Resort at Squaw Creek: Holiday Time

Gingerbread houses and Santa cameos festive-up the Tahoe destination's end-of-year schedule.

INSIDE THE SNOWGLOBE: Science stays pretty busy pretty much around the clock, so we won't get too huffy that inventor types haven't yet figured out how human beings can enter the world of a snowglobe, or Christmas tabletop village, or the front of a greeting card. Because many people long to, around the end of the year, that get-cozy, hang-the-stocking stretch where everything feels a tad more nostalgic and traditions reign. But we don't need the SnowGlobe Automatica 5000 or whatever science may dream up to find the sort of landscape and loveliness that glittery greeting cards so easily deliver; The Resort at Squaw Creek kind of has the whole pretty snowflakes, skate-and-s'mores thing down pat come the holiday season. After all, the ski-plus destination has been hosting Magical Memories for over a decade now, so to call the resort knowledgeable in the whole joy-delivering department is to just state facts. Festive facts, that is, and we note that because we don't live in a world where sheer festiveness comes to the forefront all that often. But guests at the resort will find that forefront festiveness in high order from Friday, Nov. 27 right through to the end of the year, when a New Year's Eve party breaks out the bubbly and next-day Bloody Marys.

THE SCHEDULE IS PACKED, and certain to-dos happen on certain days, so if you want your Magical Memories experiences at The Resort at Squaw Creek to include specific family happenings, or music-focused festivities, best plan your visit around whatever whimsy you seek. The Grand Tree Lighting gets it all going -- er, glowing -- on Friday, Nov. 27, along with the reveal of the resort's famous Gingerbread Village. The making of s'mores, an alfresco ice rink, a fundraiser for the Tahoe Truckee Humane Society, Breakfast with Santa, holiday films, storytelling for the tots, and a whole sleighful of other seasonal treats fill out the month-plus roster. There are big Christmas dine-out choices, and the New Year's Eve party, too, but let's note that Thanksgiving Day is also a whole turkey'd-out thing, if you're looking to get your feast-on the evening before the tree lighting and gingerbread unveiling. Will you feel like you're in a snowglobe, though? That depends, but we should come clean and say this: The snow falling from above originates from clouds in the sky, and the little buildings and trees are 100% real. 

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