‘Royal Rendezvous' in LBC to Open a Cunard Exhibit

The Queen Elizabeth'll say hello to the Queen Mary on the Fourth of July, ahead of a new look-back at the Cunard story.

HEARING A HORN AT SEA? Or from the shore? It's a highly romantic sound for many people, inspiring landlubbers to ponder just what exactly a ship might be saying. But when visitors to the Queen Mary feel the rumble of her iconic, deep-bellow'd horn on the evening of Thursday, July 4, they won't have to wonder as to its meaning. For there'll be another horn sounding nearby, a horn hailing from the Queen Elizabeth. This royal vessel is another grand ship from the Cunard line, and she'll be calling upon Long Beach's famous queen on the Fourth of July, to both honor the holiday and to celebrate the opening of "The Cunard Story," a new exhibition opening on the permanently moored ocean-liner on Friday, July 5.

THE "ROYAL RENDEZVOUS," as the horn-based greeting is called, will take place on July 4 at 8:30 in the evening, so keep your ears peeled. Commodore Everette will give an address at 8:50 p.m., all about the Queen Elizabeth's visit, and the Fourth of July fireworks will begin at 9 o'clock. But even if you can't be in Long Beach on the holiday to hear the exchange of horns between the two famous ships, you can visit the Queen Mary on Friday morning, July 5, between 10 a.m. and noon, for a free look at "The Cunard Story." That's the date of the exhibition's formal dedication, which will include an appearance by Inger Thorhauge, "Cunard's first female captain and master of Queen Elizabeth." As for what you can expect in the...

CENTURIES-SPANNING EXHIBITION, which will become a permanent display on the Queen Mary? Look for artifacts, photographs, and several other fascinating items to fill out the company's 179-year-old legacy. A legacy that, yes, did include the Queen Mary at one time, a ship that has called Long Beach home since 1967. We're also sailing in the direction of the ocean-liner's 85th anniversary, which happens in September 2019, so consider this to be a prime time to stop by this new exhibition, where you can brush up on your Cunard-based knowledge and the story of the Queen Mary in particular.

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