San Diego's Tiki Concert Sleep-Over Spot

Live music + Humphrey's Half Moon Inn = summertime.

ROCKIN' AND SLEEPIN': Travelers generally ask one thing of their hotel: Provide me with a comfortable and safe sleeping situation for a night. There can be other cherries on top of that -- a fine restaurant, a pool, a nice gift shop, a spa -- but anyone who has ever spent the night at an inn starts at that initial square. So when a property is known for that but something else as well, something that isn't related to the qualitie of toiletries or the softness of towels or the nearness of the ice machine, it can catch the eye. Especially when it involves live music shows. Because, hotels and live music? Well, there might be a jazz trio in the bar once and awhile, but concert goers generally make for an arena by car or cab and then return to the hotel to sleep. But not at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego. The Shelter Island-based hotel's concert venue is on the property, meaning that if you want to see Tegan & Sara and then grab some sleep by walking mere feet, that's possible. Oh, did we say Tegan & Sara?

OH YES, WE DID: Some of the 2013 season schedule is live, and the acts run the gamut. (We do love when acts do that.) Franz Ferdinand, Tegan & Sara, Keysia Cole, and Juanes rock Humphrey's in April; more acts will follow in the warmer months. We should note that the concerts typically start up in May, so this year an early beginning is in the forecast.

PACKAGES, TOO: If you don't want to make for the tiki hotel for a show, but just to stay, there are a number of deals. We also like the Shelter Island location, which makes for a fine morning stroll (but not too early in the morning, if you've been to a concert the night before).

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