Set Sail on a New Island Packers Dinner Cruise

The boats, famous for their Channel Islands adventures, are now offering Ventura-close outings, for a limited time.

SAILING FOR THE CHANNEL ISLANDS? It's going to be an adventure, one full of dramatic vistas, vast skies, and the occasional whale sighting, if you time it right. And, if you're aboard a boat that's making regular runs to the national park, chances are good that "Island Packers" is on the side. It's a company that's synonymous with traversing the Santa Barbara Channel, and with stops at Santa Cruz Island, and the other enchanted, enchanting isles, but sometimes it can stick closer to home. Nope, we're not talking about the caroling cruises come the holidays, though those outings to stay rather close to shore. It's the...

NEW DINNER CRUISES... we have in mind, a special eveningtime cruise that just opened for the season. The cruises, which'll head out "on selected Saturdays through September," will keep near picturesque Ventura Harbor, all while doing it up, meal-wise, and music-wise, too, for those aboard. As for the cuisine? Area restaurants will be doing the catering, so you might dine upon a dinner from The Greek Mediterranean Steak & Seafood or Anacapa Brewery. And, for sure, there shall be vino aboard the handsome catamaran, libations that hail from the region's wineries, and brews, too. And will you be seated in the lower cabin or upper? There'll be tables in both places. 

AS FOR WHAT VIEWS... you'll enjoy as the sun sets on a summer Saturday night? The amazing homes of the Ventura Keys will be one sight you'll breeze on by, as well as the shops of Ventura Harbor Village. For times, eats, details, and all of the boatly must-knows, sail your own ship by the Island Packers site now. And, you bet: The company is still calling upon Channel Islands National Park, as it has so famously done for so many years, if a daytime adventure is also in your plans.

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