Spam Love on the Sacramento River

Isleton fetes the canned wonder with a day of spammy fun.

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FAMOUS FOODSTUFF: Notoriety is an organic occurrence, mostly, in this everyone-wants-to-be-famous-now era. You can't push the public to adore something, or even know something, if that something doesn't have some star quality to it (and if things don't unfold naturally in the fame-gaining game). Look to Spam for inspiration on this matter. When Hormel first developed the meat-in-a-can wonder back in the late 1930s, it couldn't have foreseen that a British comedy troupe would take it to great heights by repeating "Spam" over and over, nor that that the word "Spam" would go on to front the name of a Broadway musical. Nor would Spam evolve into a word that means "unsolicited/unwanted messages" on a place called the internet (which, spoiler alert, was not around in the 1930s, which means Hormel execs might have been befuddled to hear that their product's name would evolve in such a way). But Monty Python and the World Wide Web and the canned icon's many fans have done much for its very high profile over the years, and the city of Isleton only furthers it, tastily, each February. The Sacramento River town throws a Spam Festival, and if you're fingers-crossing that Spam tossing will be part of the merriment, uncross those fingers at once and get ready to toss.

SUNDAY, FEB. 15... is the day in which cube-shaped meat shall fly. Spam shall also be eaten, and discussed, and fawned over, and there is a cooking contest, to boot. And if you're someone who has been on the "haven't tried it" side of the fence, prepare to be converted, or at least to meet evangelists that understand that a slice of savory fried Spam alongside some scrambled eggs, or inside a cheese sandwich, is its own kind of beautiful thing. Peter's Steak House Del Rio Bar is the spot, there shall be prizes and "FUN-FUN-FUN!" and so much Spammery. Getting Spammed is actually a fine thing when there's eating to do and quirky culinary history to discuss. And if Spam can tell the fame-seekers of the world how to do it, the attention cravers would be ever so appreciative. Honest: What modern food has such instant name recognition? Hats -- and can tops -- off to you, dear Spam.

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