SS Red Oak Victory’s Father’s Day Breakfast

Spend time with your dad in a spot filled with history.

SS Red Oak Victory

TO KNOW HISTORY: The first place where we gain a notion of history, or rather what exactly history is, as a concept, is very possibly in our parents' arms. We learn what it means for something to have happened before, in the past, and how what in the past impacts what happens today. Soon, as kids, we're up-to-speed on major happenings throughout the centuries, moments that changed humankind's course. An interest in historic pursuits and biographies and the tales of ships is something children and their parents very often share even as those kids become adults. Sat down to watch a cable show about the Roaring '20s or the space race with your parents? For sure, many of us have. So choosing a storied spot with a long past to share with a parent on their holiday is rather a memorable thing. The SS Red Oak Victory, "the last surviving cargo ship built at the Kaiser/Richmond shipyards," will be open to visitors on Father's Day, and, more specifically, to diners: They're serving breakfast on the ship.

PANCAKES AND MORE: It's being billed as a pancake breakfast, but you bet that eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice and coffee are involved. The price? It's a seven-buck donation but if you have a tot under age five, they get in free. The date is Sunday, June 15 -- mark that down now as Father's Day -- but if you have to miss it, because you and your pop already have plans, there are three more breakfasts aboard the vintage cargo ship to come, with the next one in August. Oh, and reservations? Not required. Just keep in mind if you're looking for a holiday morning plan for you and your history-obsessed parent (and your history-obsessed self). The SS Red Oak Victory served in World War II, and is now overseen by the Richmond Museum of History.

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