The Goodland Hotel: Summery Good Times

Enjoy a relaxing Goleta stay-over, attend a free live show, sip rosé by the pool.

SUMMER CAMP? It's a pretty fabled place, whether you attended as a kid or know a bunch about the concept from movies and books. The living seems pretty languid, and lovely, but there are activities to keep the campers on the move, and creating, and enjoying the once-a-year experience. And while we adults don't regularly pack for summer camp in delighted droves, though many of us wish we could, we can still dip into the feel of the warm-weather, new-place, try-something-fresh adventure, at least for a night or two, if not several weeks. The Goodland Hotel in Goleta is embracing that getaway-nice spirit via multiple avenues in the summer of 2017, with barbecues, free live music, and a made-for-adults poolside package that encapsulates the ease and flavor of the season. Been thinking of heading for the Santa Barbara area before fall truly descends? Consider the Rosé All Day package, which should be booked by...

TUESDAY, AUG. 29: The deal? You and your 21+ co-adventurer will save a sweet 25% on your stay at the hotel, and you'll score Rosé — in cans, of course — to sip while you soak in some rays by the pool. But libations aren't the only headline at The Goodland this summer: Best keep the Saturday BBQs in mind (they'll be at Outpost, the hotel's restaurant, every Saturday through Labor Day), and note that the free Goodland Concert Series will rock the scene right into autumn. Intergalactix brings the grooves on Tuesday, Aug. 22, "all female sci-fi avant synth band" LJ Labratory visits The Goodland on Sept. 20, and independent artist Ashe summons the sounds on Oct. 6. Is that still considered summer 'round California? Kind of, yes, given how those warm temps stretch right through to Halloween? Best keep those summery good times going, with some rosé refreshment, some hearty barbecue, and the pay-nada concert series sticking true to what the have-fun, find-pleasure tenets of summer represent.

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