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NASA Shares Mars Pathfinder and Rover 360-View Video



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    A view from the "Kimberley" formation on Mars taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.

    Want to know what Mars looked like when the first rover landed in 1997?

    NASA just released a 360-degree view video from images transmitted by the Pathfinder and Sojourner rovers from almost two decades ago.

    Using current technology, NASA was able to create a  360-degree view video to let you see what the planet looked like from your desktop or mobile device, its site said.

    The footage also includes images from its landing companion, Sojourner, the first rover on Mars, NASA said.

    Pathfinder landed on July 4, 1997, and transmitted until Sept. 27, 1997, NASA said.

    Pathfinder led the way for future NASA Mars rovers, from Spirit to Opportunity. The most recent rover, Curiosity, landed in August 2012.

    The Pathfinder lived up to its name and returned 2.3 billion bits of information, including more than 16,500 images from the ladder and 550 from the rover, NASA said.