Advertisers Target Apple Watch for New Ads

Advertisers are eyeing the Apple Watch for ad possibilities, and already one company is creating an ad-buying service for the new gadget, according to reports.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, TapSense unveiled its plan for an Apple Watch ad-buying service and showed people what kind of ads will appear on that tiny screen on consumers' wrists, Reuters reported.

To the general public this may sound premature, especially since the watches don't go on sale until later this year, but business owners want to know how and when to start advertising.

As on most mobile devices, the problem is finding that sweet spot of just enough ad saturation without annoying the user. Apple is not officially attending CES, so it is third parties who are giving glimpses into Apple's devices.

The third parties are using Apple's software tool WatchKit to build applications for Apple Watch including "interactive wallpapers on the watch dial," along with inserted ads, according to Ash Kumar, TapSense chief executive.
But how many people want push notifications or banner ads on a tiny screen? The problem with a dainty display is that it can easily be overpowered and irritate users. 
"If it feels like your smartwatch is turning into a spam box, you will take it off," Padden Guy Murphy, who heads business development and public policy at car-sharing service startup Getaround, told Reuters.
While some have stated the Apple Watch won't be easy like the iPad or iPhone for marketers, companies should pay attention to how the gadget will be used, especially in health and fitness. Those target ads and apps may mean a wealth of attention and consumer dollars if created well.
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