Developers Say Apple Knew of Maps Problem

A few developers claim they warned Apple about  iOS Maps problems in June and gave the tech company months to fix the app's problems before the iOS 6 debut last month.

 "During the beta period I filed bug reports with Apple's Radar system (notorious for being ignored), posted on the forums several times, and e-mailed multiple people within Apple's MapKit team to voice our concerns," one unidentified developer told CNET.

Six developers in all spoke to CNET on conditions of anonymity, and they all have apps that rely on Apple Maps. The six claimed to have filed bug reports, sent e-mails and posted on private message boards, according to AppleInsider. In fact, Apple issued versions of Maps to developers before releasing it to the public in September, but the developers say none of their advice was heeded. 
"I posted at least one doomsayer rant after each (developer) beta, and I wasn't alone," another developer said. "The mood amongst the developers seemed to be that the maps were so shockingly bad that reporting individual problems was futile." 
One developer said that even after contacting Apple and being told the company understood the problem, nothing was done about it.  "This has been a frustrating experience for us," the developer said. 
It's not surprising that Apple knew of problems with the Maps app, but chose to go ahead and release it. Similar things have happened -- including Siri not being quite ready for the iPhone 4S, so Apple buyers should be aware any new iPhone may have apps still in beta. 
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