Can't Get Away From Google+

Google is making it harder to use its other services without being part of its social network, Google+

Whether or not it's willingly or unwillingly, users who want to use Google services will have it connected back to a public Google+ profile.

This means that if you use Gmail, YouTube or Zagat, you will have a public Google+ page publicizing it, according to the Wall Street Journal.  

Google+ is Google's social network and a Facebook rival, and the search titan is looking to gain more advertising dollars.

Apparently chief executive Larry Page is behind the shift and wanted aggressive growth, according to the report. The integration across several Google properties would mean that Google would have an amazing amount of information and be able to target users with relevant ads.

"(Google is) trying too hard to compete with Facebook, and if people aren't going to share willingly, they'll make them share unwillingly," Sam Ford, a Google+ user told the WSJ.

Google said that required Google+ profiles improved reviews on Google Play, especially because anonymous reviewers tended to give lower reviews.
But whether this is a last-ditch attempt to compete with Facebook or a legitimate push, the end results is the same -- expect to be logged into your Google+ within any Google service. Already Google requires the login for reviews on Google Play, for restaurant reviews
However, like any social network, users can delete the account or make their account not show up in search results.
While this may be alarming to some, it's the price people pay for being involved in social media. If you don't want your information inadvertently spilled, then you will have to work hard to improve privacy controls or get offline.
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