Counterfeiters Already Copy Unreleased IPhone 5

So this happened: before Tim Cook can walk onstage and reveal the newest generation of cash-cow iPhone, Chinese knockoffs are already available.

Based on the (supposed) case designs of the new handheld that are circulating on the web, counterfeiters have pulled together a tapered-edge phone, according to

The counterfeiters are dropping these at US$70. And they've even "improved" on the handheld with a couple new features like pre-loaded Angry Birds game and making the silent button clickable, rather than slideable.

The speculation is that Apple will release a new iPhone model, and possibly a new iPod and iPad, on or about September 12.

Working off a Gizmodo article, MIC stepped around the corner and picked up one of these new devices and took it for a drive. (The software is, um, "crappy.")

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