Emojis Get More Color

Apple and Google engineers proposed new and different skin tones for emojis in hopes of creating more diverse symbols to represent human beings.

Emojis were supposed to be "neutral" symbols for people, according to MacRumors, meaning a yellow or orange, but some were lily-white. Now there will be varying shades from pink all the way to chocolate brown. 

The proposal will likely be included in the next Unicode standard in 2015, the Verge reported.

So, diversifying emojis may sound a bit ludicrous for those who don't use them, but it's been a serious issue for users for a while now. In December 2012, singer Miley Cyrus tweeted about the lack of emoji diversity. Later, in March of this year, articles began appearing asking why one could find an emoji of a duck, boat or water buffalo, but not a person of color.

Finally, starting next year, people will be able to send nonsensical symbolic messages in multiple skintones.

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