Egg Hunts by the Ocean

Love some beach with your basket?

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Michael Jung

THERE ARE MANY FINE PLACES... for the Easter Bunny to hide a beautifully dyed egg. Even a bright blue egg that's covered in glitter and stickers and drawings is rather hard to find when it is nestled inside a fern, or tucked within a planter, or rolled under a flowery shrub. The aim, of course, is to make that eye-popping dozen of hard-shelled beauties pretty dang difficult to locate, or at least give those holding the Easter baskets a bit of a challenge while they search. Egg hunts go down in living rooms, front yards, parks, and gardens, but rarely do they happen in a place that isn't exactly known for its endless array of creative hiding spots: the beach. Oh, true, you could tuck a neon pink egg behind a tangle of kelp, or perhaps under a beach towel, or near the brim of a sun hat. But an adorned beach is going to reveal the eggs faster than one can say "surf's up."

STILL, that doesn't mean that ocean aficionados, and those who dig the sand, can't enjoy an egg hunt that's at least adjacent to the beach, or a few minutes away, on foot. That's where some of California's swankiest resorts come in. A number of Golden State hotels host egg hunts for guests each year, and while those hunts do not happen down at the water's edge -- eggs may wash out to see, or be carried away by a diligent crab -- you can jump, like a rabbit, into the holiday fun on the property's lawn or outdoor space. Easter Sunday is March 27, 2016, and the pretty orbs of findable goodness will be out, or rather hidden, by the Big Bunny at...

HOTEL DEL CORONADO: The 19th-century landmark is setting up the egg hunt fun on its Windsor Lawn (look for a half dozen hunts in all, for hotel and brunch guests). Further north, the St. Regis Monarch Beach will host a pair of hunts around the property -- a property that's not far from the Pacific at all -- while Terranea's Palos Verde Meadow "will transform into an Easter wonderland scattered with prize-filled eggs." Nope, young'uns won't be required to root about in the sand for their eggs at any of these spots, but the annual hunt will come with beachy breezes and a chance to walk down to the water, or at least a bluff that overlooks the water, once those baskets are full. Who says the most famous rabbit in the world only visits indoor spaces and leafy yards? Bunnies like the beach, too.

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