Facebook and Twitter Launch Google Glass Apps

Facebook and Twitter launched applications Thursday for Google Glass even though the Google eyewear isn't even available to mainstream consumers.

Erick Tseng, head of mobile products for Facebook, said in a message, "Built by Facebook 
this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook timeline." Tseng also said that users can add a photo description by talking, according to the AFP. 
Twitter for Google Glass also lets users share pictures or text messages. Engineering manager Shiv Ramamurthi tweeted an image and hashtagged it #throughglass.
"In addition to sharing photos, you can also keep up with the people you follow on Twitter through notifications," Ramamurthi told the AFP. "As always, you can reply to, retweet or favorite these Tweets."
Although Facebook and Twitter are big names, other news organizations also have apps for Google Glass. 
Google Glass connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi or by being tethered to a smartphone. The glasses can take pictures, record video, send messages and other things a smartphone can do. However, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that it could take "a while" before the glasses go mainstream. Right now only developers and a others deemed "explorers" were able to buy prototypes for $1,500.
It's not surprising to us that the apps have started -- wasn't that the reason Google offered them to developers in the first place? It's been about three weeks since the glasses have been delivered, so we really expect the app market to heat up by June.
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