Facebook Rolling Out Live-Feed Ticker

Facebook is rolling out its real-time news feed, dubbed the "ticker," to its users -- but it make take a while for most users to see it.

The news was first reported earlier this month, but didn't specify when the feature would hit most of its users -- or if it every would. From CNET:

"We are currently testing a feature within News Feed that gives people the ability to see what their friends are commenting on and 'liking,' as these actions are being taken on Facebook," Facebook said in a statement. "This test includes a small percentage of Facebook users, just a fraction of a percent. In the coming weeks, as we learn more from this test, we'll keep making improvements and may expand it to more people."

According to AllFacebook, apparently the feature is now hitting a larger percentage of users and the feedback is positive. Far from being annoying, the feed allows users to click on an interesting item which will then appear in one's main feed and can be commented on.

While the ticker is primarily for user interaction now, Facebook could also use the feature for future advertisements tucked in between baby photos and friends' updates. What's the use of a live feed if you can't make money from of it?

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