G+ Has Sweet Setup for Iowa Caucus

Conan Nolan discovers the Google Hangouts.

Conan Nolan, of NBC Los Angeles shot some video as he was racing across the Des Moines Convention Center on Jan, 3, during the Iowa Caucus tabulations.

As he made his mad dash, however, he stumbled upon Google's presence at the event.

Google set up a massive Hangout, complete with laptops, fancy banners and displays, food, and beanbag chairs.

Google has been making a solid push to show off their new social network. The TV commercials and celebs popping up have helped grow their numbers impressively since they launched last summer.

There seems to be a clear bond growing between G+ and news organizations, as people start to figure out what to do with the service. It's interesting to see Google having such a large presence amongst the other journalists at the event.

Check out Nolan's video below:

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