Google Embedding Its Google+ into Search

A new feature on Google's search result pages features its own social network, Google+. Called "Search plus Your World," personalized results will be returned if the user is logged into their Google+ account.

It's an important push for Google as it tries to attract more and more people into its social network. So important that it replaces real estate previously used for advertising -- at the top, center of the results page.

Other social networks' data will not be returning, largely because that data is controlled by privacy settings and competitive strategies, according to

The push for more people on G+ means chatty types who are associated with one subject (music, baseball, etc) will also be highlighted on search returns as G+ suggestions for people and pages a user may want to circle. Subject searches will most likely offer users links to an expert or prominent blogger in addition to any other germane stories. 

One last touch is an autocomplete, much like Facebook's, where profiles in a user's G+ account will finish typing for you and return that profile.

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