iTunes and Facebook Share Game Credits

Facebook and Apple have agreed to honor virtual currency purchased on each other's platform for the same game.

Chris Early, Ubisoft's vice president of digital publishing, said the two tech giants have decided to team up to give users a break by honoring each other's credits -- by agreeing that it costs the same on every platform, according to AllThingsD. So if someone buys $20 work of video game credits on Facebook, the same player would be able to access the points on Apple's iOS -- but Facebook still gets its intended 30 percent profit, and vice-versa. 

Early said we’ll likely see this first for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, which he tells me is being released over the next years on multiple platforms, including Facebook, mobile, console and the Internet.

However, from what Early said, video game companies like Ubisoft will be responsible for managing balances across platforms, although consoles don't yet use virtual currency. Soon, that's likely to change and makes us wonder about the recent Sony Playstation network hacking, and how safe will that information be? Although hackers didn't get credit card information, next time they might be able to harvest millions of dollars in virtual currency.

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