Why Biden’s 2016 Odds Are Getting Longer: Analysis

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Whether he decides to throw his hat in the ring or not, Vice President Joe Biden’s odds of winning the Democratic nomination for president are getting longer.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows 38 percent of likely Democratic primary voters would rather not see him enter the race as opposed to 30 percent who would like to see him run. Another 31 percent had no opinion.

If he chooses to run, those poll numbers don’t bode well for Biden either: He’s in third at 15 percent, trailing front-runners Hillary Clinton (49 percent) and Bernie Sanders (29 percent), with Clinton boosting her lead over Sanders by more than 10 points since last week’s Democratic debate, according to the poll.

Another sign: Biden hasn’t raised any money. Clinton and Sanders have raised a combined $60 million. And the VP lacks campaign infrastructure in key states Iowa and New Hampshire.

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