Call Kristen Schaal a Schmuck at Your Own Peril

It's possibly the worst case of character profiling on record. But when we heard that hilarious comedian/actor Kristen Schaal was in "Dinner for Schmucks" we naturally assumed she was going to be one of the dinner guests. And not the cool kind.

After bumping into Schaal recently, we humbly apologize.

"I'm not a schmuck, believe it or not," Schaal roared at PopcornBiz. Well, it was a close to a roar as her distinctive voice allows.

In our own defense, Schaal has played up that particular part of her personality in her classic stint on the "The Daily Show" and as an unforgettable solo fan in "The Flight of the Conchords." But she assures us "you won't even see me at the dinner party" in her latest movie opening next month.

Instead she plays Paul Rudd's assistant, who pushes her boss to play the corporate game -- even if it means going against his principles by mocking schmucks at a dinner party.

"I eagerly want him to go to the dark side so that we can move up to the 7th floor," says Schaal.

To make up for our blunder, Schaal insisted that we write in our piece that she "misses" doing "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." And when we pointed out the truth, that she was hilarious in her correspondent duties on the show, she then insisted, "put that in there too."

Done. The slate is clean. On the off chance you're reading this Jon Stewart, bring her back on.

In the meantime, Schaal will continue to enjoy being one of the cool kids in a movie.

"It's refreshing to not be a schmuck in one of these films," she says.

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