School Lunch Supplier Repackaged Moldy Applesauce

Talk about a bad apple. The Food and Drug Administration has warned a Washington state fruit processes that supplies applesauce to schools around the country that its product is tainted with mold. “Your firm reprocesses moldy applesauce product … using a method that is not effective against all toxic metabolites,” the FDA wrote in a letter to Snokist President Jimmie L. Davis. “Several foodborne molds may be hazardous to human health.” MSNBC reports the warning came after inspectors found bloated bags of fruit covered with multi-colored molds at Snokist’s factory. Earlier this year, the company was to blame when nine kids fell sick after eating Snokist’s applesauce at a North Carolina school. It’s not clear that the latest tainted product was shipped to schools. Snokist officials told MSNBC the firm does “rework” some moldy food with heat-treatment to kill toxins.

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