Google's Modular Smartphones May Sell Next Year for $50

Google's new modular smartphones could show up next year and sell for a mere $50, according to a report.
Google's Project Ara modular smartphones are slated for next year and could sell for only $50, according to Time. Project Ara was created by the Advanced Technology and Projects group so that the phones could be swapped out with different pieces of hardware. The first phone will be a $50 option available during the first part of 2015 that will only include Wi-Fi.
While that sounds no-frills, eventually there will be more pieces to add on to change their phone into one with many more capabilities and features. The device is expected to appeal to buyers in the developing world.
The phone will also come in three sizes: mini, medium and jumbo, from phone to phablet, The Verge announced. However, the size will not be customizable since the devices will be based on a "backbone" that holds the pieces in place. Despite the sizes, ATAP's 4mm modules seem to guarantee that no device will be more than 10mm, which makes the module phones comparable to current smartphone models.
What the modules do hasn't been discussed, although it's expected to handle battery capacity, cameras and other features. The new modules will make people capable of starting off with only a $50 phone and later making it an enviable multi-featured model. Of course, the modules are small and easy to transport, so they will also be easy to steal and fence. This could mean that for the first time people will have their smartphone stolen for parts.
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