Ryan Reynolds in Real-Life “Sophie's Choice” Dilemma: “RIPD” or “Deadpool”?

If you've been following recent casting news, it wouldn't have been unreasonable for you to think that there's no way Ryan Reynolds could possibly be making all the movies he's allegedly been cast in. It turns out you were right.

While making the rounds for "Buried," his new film about  a man buried alive and held for ransom, Reynolds was asked about his busy schedule. Next up for Reynolds is "The Change-Up," a body-swap comedy co-starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde and then "Safe House," a CIA-prisoner-under-siege thriller with Denzel Washington.

And then "Deadpool"? Or "RIPD"?

"I never say I’m doing a movie until I break for lunch the first day," Reynolds told IO9. "Because it’s such a crapshoot, this industry. Everything’s so fickle and so contingent on so many factors, aside from just an actor. And because it has an actor, and because these films have interested directors, it’s obviously likely that they’ll both get made. But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me."

We're pulling for "RIPD," if only because we've been drooling over director Robert Schwentke's trailer for "Red." And frankly the story of two cops policing the afterlife while hunting for one of their killers sounds a lot more interesting to us than another third-tier comic-book hero movie.

In the meantime, Reynolds' excellent "Buried" goes into limited release on Friday and "Green Lantern" arrives June 17, 2011.

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