Vegas Shooting Victim Tina Frost Out of ICU, Walking in Maryland

Her father says she is making progress every day

A young Maryland native shot in the head during the Las Vegas massacre is slowly but surely recovering.

Tina Frost, 27, was moved out of the Johns Hopkins Hospital intensive care unit this week, according to a GoFundMe page set up by a family friend. Frost's family said her new 12th-floor hospital room has a lovely view of Baltimore.

Her father, Rich Frost, said she is making progress every day.

"Milestones would be talking, walking and talking and understanding things. And some of these are happening, slowly but surely," he said.

On Oct. 1, Tina Frost was one of hundreds shot at an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd, leaving 58 people dead and more than 500 injured.

Frost's boyfriend carried her from the scene of the massacre to a nearby truck, whose driver rushed her to a hospital. A bullet was lodged in her right eye, which doctors had to remove to save her life.

"Gunshots to the head: Five percent survive," Rich Frost said. "And to go from that to where we are now is a miracle."

Tina Frost, who was transferred from the Las Vegas hospital to one in her home state of Maryland, has started walking again, albeit slowly, and she appears to recognize her family and friends.

To redevelop her motor skills, Tina Frost has been practicing throwing and kicking a rubber ball. She's also baked cookies and painted her own eye patch.

While she has started speaking more as she recovers, her doctors said they don't think she knows what happened to her. They don't expect her to remember the shooting.

But, it's too soon to know the extent of any brain damage Tina Frost may have. She will undergo physical and cognitive therapy as well as facial reconstruction surgery in the coming weeks and months.

As of Monday, the GoFundMe page for Tina Frost had raised more than $592,000 for medical care and other expenses. Family friend Pam Clark said that when she launched the funding campaign in October, she "had no idea of the severity of Tina's condition."

"We never imagined raising this much money," Clark said. "She will definitely need it towards medical bills and recovery."

Rich Frost made a surprise appearance at a recent fundraiser for his daughter. He said he is thankful for the outpouring of support for his family.

"We appreciate everything that everybody's doing for her. Pulling for her and all the prayers that have come. It's helping. She's made great progress. She's making progress every hour," he said.

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