Victoria Justice vs. Miranda Cosgrove: Tween Stars Face Off in Film

It’s the battle of Nickelodeon’s ‘tween queens.

Up-and-comer Victoria Justice, the star of “Victorious,” Nick’s latest hit for the not-quite-teen set, tells Popcorn Biz the upcoming crossover TV movie with the kid network’s other major series “iCarly” will have her vying with Miranda Cosgrove for – what else? – the affections of a two-timing guy.

“It's like an hour and a half movie – it's very cool,” said Justice. “Basically, Carly is going to join my character and they'll find out that they're dating the same guy and so it's them and the rest of the cast to expose him on iCarly, the [show's] live web show to millions of people, and then at the end we sing a mash-up of one of our theme songs which is a really cool thing that we got to do!”

Away from the show, music is also a top priority for Justice, who’s debut solo album drops early in 2011. “I wrote pretty much every single song, so they're all very personal,” she said. :I can't wait for everyone to hear it – I hope that everyone likes it! The style of music that I'm doing is pop but it has soul to it and it's kind of like edgy sometimes, and sometimes it's more sweet. It's very ‘me.’”


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