‘Want' Button on Facebook Analyzed

Facebook's iconic "like" button might be getting a pal -- the "want" button.

facebook want button

Last month a blogger and developer saw some code that indicated a disabled version of the "want" was on the page. Tom Waddington published a mock and wrote that Facebook had "big plans for social commerce." (Which, of course, is a vast understatement.)

Tuesday an analyst said that a "want" button "could be Facebook's first true product to directly impact commerce on the site," according to CNN.com.

A "want" button could work like Amazon's wishlist while compiling online behavioral data akin to what Google garners on every keyword search.

Pair that with brands and produts trying to market themselves to the nearly 1 billion users on the social platform -- and the uptick in targeted advertising brands would have to buy to expand their reach to new audiences -- and this "want" button is no small shakes.

A user's "want" could be queried by other apps through the social Graph API, even further extending the reach of one little click.

People used to write out a holiday gift wish list and hand it on to their parents. Now, it's a friendly, inocuous little blue box that lets family, friends and a million algorithms know what they really "want."

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