Your 11/12/13 Wedding at the Vegas Neon Museum

Get hitched in the sign-packed, sun-filled spot. But: Spots are limited.

CINEMATIC VOW SPOT: There's a common element in just about every film depicting two young lovers running off to Las Vegas to exchange vows: neon. The sweethearts drive down the Strip as the blinky lights and over-sized cowboys and dice reflect in the windshield of their convertible (they're always in a vintage, boat-sized convertible, too). The amour-filled upshot here is that nuptials and neons are longtime partners on the Sin City scene; after all, isn't it the twinkly marquee with the bright wedding bells and doves that draws the alter-seekers in? So saying "I do" in a neon-laden place seems to fit the spirit of the auspicious day. You can still find a wedding chapel, or a dozen, along Las Vegas Boulevard, but there is one place where that ol' neon is pretty dang plentiful. Even the name of the place back that fact up: The Neon Museum, a sign-sweet spot that made its official debut in 2012. And while the institution, which collects the iconic signage of Sin City's past, does offer wedding opportunities throughout the year, it is on special, highly Vegas-y days when it really shines (and not just proverbially).

SO... what do we mean by "highly Vegas-y days"? Those days with some number specialness. You've heard Las Vegas has a relationship to number, yes? Good. The next memorable number day is just ahead, too: 11/12/13. Indeed, November 12 will be one of those rare "in-a-row" number days, meaning luck-lovers will be descending on the city to try their hand at roulette, craps, and, yep, the sealing of love. If getting married on this day appeals, and doing it by a lot of old neon signs, too, act fast: The Neon Museum has four slots open that day for its Magic Day wedding package. It's intimate -- you can have four guests -- and it will be photographically awesome -- you get to take your wedding pictures in the Neon Boneyard. And, as befits so many Vegas events, you'll leave with his-and-her t-shirts. Everything starts at $650.

CHARMING: Making the whole deal a bit more darling is this: The Neon Boneyard's visitor center is in the former La Concha Motel. Motels, too, are the other icons, beyond neon, of the longtime Vegas wedding scene. Call it sweet, call it kitschy, and call 11/12/13 a day to remember for you and your favorite betrothee.

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