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Bodega Bay Measure B Passes

Fewer than 500 people made this decision.



    Bodega Bay Measure B Passes
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    Voters in the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District approved Measure  B, an ordinance that allows the district to continue spending revenues from a  special tax for another four years.
        Measure B needed a majority approval and passed with 80 percent of  the vote. The tally was 309 for and 76 against.

        The tax was approved in 2003 and approval to continue spending the  revenue was extended another four years in 2007. Approval to continue  spending the tax revenue is required every four years.     The maximum tax, paid when property taxes are due to Sonoma  County, is $130 per residential or commercial unit per year.
        The money pays for paramedic, fire and rescue services in the fire  protection district along the Sonoma coast.