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Paying to Prepare For the Big One



    Paying to Prepare For the Big One
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    SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 26: A row of luxury homes are seen near the Golden Gate Bridge May 26, 2005 in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco, California. According to a study released Wednesday by San Francisco's First Republic Bank, the average luxury home in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is defined as homes with values above the $1 million, rose nearly 6 percent between the fourth quarter of 2004 and the first quarter of 2005 to an average of $2.7 million, up $329,000 from one year ago. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

      With the anniversary of the 1906 Great Earthquake looming, San Francisco residents are being asked to approve a $412 million bond measure to help prepare for the next Big One.
    Mayor Gavin Newsom gathered with other officials Tuesday on the edge of San Francisco Bay to encourage voters to approve the funding.

    The measure would allocate $104 million to reinforce what officials say is an antiquated system intended to ensure access to water for firefighting.

    The 11 million-gallon system consists of pumps, a reservoir and storage tanks. If the city's water supply fails, the pumps are supposed to suck in bay water and refill the reservoir.

    But officials say the buildings housing the pumps date back to 1912 and need to be retrofitted.

    The rest of the measure would go for new police and fire buildings.