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Sancuary City May Get ICE Opt Out

Feds consider allowing fingerprint program opt-out



    Sancuary City May Get ICE Opt Out
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    Immigration officials say they will consider San Francisco's request to pull out of a program that automatically sends them the fingerprints of arrested foreigners.



    Sheriff Michael Hennessey has repeatedly asked U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to let the county opt out of the program, called Secure Communities, which has been in place since June.

    ICE rejected previous requests.

    The sheriff sent a new letter Wednesday, and this time, ICE agreed to meet with the agencies involved to consider the option.

    A document posted on ICE's website on Aug. 17 lays out a process by which a jurisdiction may opt out of the program before it is implemented.

    Legal groups and immigrant advocates point to it as evidence that the program is voluntary.