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Whitman Off the Hook for Jury Duty



    Whitman Off the Hook for Jury Duty
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    Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has been dismissed as a potential juror in a child molestation trail expected to last a month.

    Campaign spokeswoman Sarah Pompei says the former eBay CEO was released after spending most of Thursday at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice and Records in Redwood City.

    The Palo Alto Daily News dispatched a reporter to the courtroom and reports that Whitman was dismissed after questioning by the defense attorney.

    Whitman was asked if her campaign would be too distracting for her to serve on the jury. She said she would serve if empaneled, but acknowledged this is "not a good time for me to give 100 percent."

    Whitman was among 30 jurors questioned and was approached for two autographs before heading into the jury room.