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Odds Are Another Team Will Take JaMarcus



    Odds Are Another Team Will Take JaMarcus
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    JaMarcus Russell may have some employment options.

    In the wake of JaMarcus Russell's release from the Oakland Raiders, the L.A. Times' Sam Farmer sizes up the situation with the super-size piles of money paid to Russell.

    Russell will have made over $39 million off the Raiders in three seasons. For only seven wins, that works out to $5.6 million per victory. Or, if you will, $100,000 per completed pass.

    Not much of a bargain. But at a league minimum free agent salary more becoming a freshly-unemployed all-time worst draft bust, another NFL team is likely to gamble on trying to revive Russell's career.  "Surely, someone will," predicts ProFootballTalk.com.

    And now you can actually gamble on which team will take that gamble on JaMarcus. Online betting site Bodog.com is laying odds on what team will bite on the second helping of JaMarcus Russell, MSNBC's Darren Rovell reports.

    The team listed with the strongest odds is the Arizona Cardinals, with 3-1 odds of acquiring the historically overweight and ineffective Russell. That would really, really please San Francisco 49ers fans, who see the Cardinals as their main competition in the NFC West.

    What would not please San Francisco 49ers fans? The fact that their team is also on this list. The 49ers are given 15-2 odds of signing Russell.

    Also in the mix are the Buffalo Bills (7-2 odds), Jacksonville Jaguars (4-1 odds), Miami Dolphins (6-1 odds), Cincinnati Bengals (7-1 odds), the Tennessee Titans (8-1 odds), and the Canadian Football League (10-1 odds).

    Levi "Dizzle" Damien cracks the Raider Nation joke of the day on the Thoughts From the Dark Side blog by adding a few other JaMarcus Russell destinations to this list: "Las Vegas 1/1, Old Country Buffet 1/1, the couch 1/1, Cabo 2/1."

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who wonders if JaMarcus Russell himself will bet on where JaMarcus Russell will end up.