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Singletary: Nate Wasn't Too Great



    Singletary: Nate Wasn't Too Great
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    Nate Davis played well, but not well enough.

    Bay Area Faithful had to be pleased with San Francisco 49ers back-up quarterback Nate Davis. In his first extended game time, Davis had the highlight of the night with a 65-yard bomb to Teddy Ginn in Sunday night's 15-10 win over the Vikings.

    But 49ers coach Mike Singletary was not impressed. Singletary lit into Nate Davis with his most critical set of post-game remarks since that one time he dropped a "Can't play with 'em! Can't win with 'em!" on Vernon Davis.

    "You have to learn how to play this position," Singletary said post-game in remarks available on Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area. "I just feel that (Nate's) still learning how to do that."

    "There is a work ethic that’s involved in terms of being a quarterback in the NFL, and (Nate's) got to get it," Singletary said."It’s as simple as that."

    When the coach is complaining about your work ethic, you are in the doghouse. It's as simple as that.

    At one point Sing got visibly frustrated. "There's one play I talked about in particular... You gotta know where the first down marker is. You don't just fall!," Singletary said. "Don't get me started on that one."

    "That one" refers a third down play in the final three minutes of the game wherein Davis scrambled for five yards. But he needed six. And he was not touched by a Viking before going down.

    To be fair, there is some debate as to whether Davis was diving forward when he went down, to elude oncoming defenders.

    But there is very little debate that Nate Davis just blew his best chance at being the 49ers No. 2 quarterback in 2010.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who argues that even though Davis' quarterback rating was mediocre, his Nielsen ratings were outstanding.